Elliot Jackson

Business & Financial Consultant



Many companies struggle to combine excellent service with commercial awareness. This regularly results in quality consultancy time remaining unpaid with a detrimental effect on profit margins.

 These problems can be solved through the implementation of sound business systems and a realistic approach to how business should be done.

How can I help?

  • By building confidence when discussing financial matters.

  • By installing simple, efficient and effective systems.

  • By advising on strong client contracts.

  • By giving skills training.

  • By coaching CEO's how to increase profitability.

  • ...And much more. I call it working smarter.

    What is working smarter?

     It's all about improving the way you approach business matters which can be effective regardless of how big or small a company is.

     Working smarter is aimed at improving commercial awareness at all levels and to give employees clarity of expectation, both in their work for clients and their internal administration.

    Why talk to me?

     I use a unique approach that helps achieve business objectives. I understand the PR business, the pressures you work under and the importance of the client/consultancy relationship.

     I don't just talk about it I make it happen. If you feel that I can help you make substantial improvements to your business performance, I would be delighted to talk to you.


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